Foundation Trust

The CSF establishes individual trust accounts under a Master Trust. The Master Trust acts as an umbrella under which individual trust Sub-accounts can be established to provide financial assurance for reclamation, land restoration, and the treatment of water discharges.

The CSF Trust accepts contributions from Participants who enter into a trust Participation Agreement with the CSF. Participants are those that provide funds under a trust agreement with the CSF.

Participants may make contributions to the fund in different ways, such as in cash, securities, certificates of deposit, or property. A Participant may also assign the proceeds from a bond to the fund. There is no minimum size requirement for individual sub-accounts within the CSF Trust.

The moneys contributed to a CSF sub-account may be commingled and pooled for investment purposes with other sub-account funds. Whether or not moneys are pooled for investment purposes, earnings from investments and expenses are allocated on a pro-rate or individual basis to the Sub-account or unit much the same manner as shares are allocated in a mutual fund.