Investment Philosophy

  • The assets of each trust account and/or sub-account are invested based upon the purposes, objectives, and projected cash flow requirements of that particular account.

  • Funds held in trust by the CSF are typically invested in a manner designed to achieve long-term capital growth and income by investing primarily in a well-diversified, balances portfolio of common stocks, bonds, money market securities, and investment assets in order to mitigate risk and diminish the impact of a decline in any one sector of the investment market.

  • As a general matter, given the nature of the fund liabilities as well as the long duration of some of the liabilities, an asset mix favoring a higher weighting in equities relative to bonds over the long term is generally authorized.

  • To maintain a proper segregation of duties and adequate controls, all funds, securities and money holdings of the trust accounts and sub-accounts are held by a third-party custodian.