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Treatment Facility to be Built at Manor Mine in Clearfield County

The Clean Streams Foundation, Inc. has obtained a contractor to build a unique mine drainage treatment facility at the Manor Mine #44 in Girard Township, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. The discharge at the mine, formerly owned by Manor Mining and Contracting Corp., is included in a trust fund agreement between DEP, Clean Streams Foundation, Al Hamilton Contracting and Manor Mining and Contracting Corp.

The contract provides for the cleaning and rehabilitation of three existing treatment ponds; the removal, regrading and reclamation of two unused ponds; and the construction of new discharge structures and a 160-foot lined channel. The contractor, Environmental Innovative Solutions, LLC, is also responsible for the regrading and reclamation of the remainder of the treatment site as well as upgrading access to the site. This type of treatment system is the first of its kind to be used in central Pennsylvania. It will include the installation of a non-electric pebble lime feed system and all related structures and necessary control facilities. Construction will also include the retrofitting of an existing lime feed bin to match the new system, which will be able to treat up to 500 gallons per minute of mine water. This type of system is designed to operate for less money and with less maintenance than conventional chemical treatment systems. The contractor will remove and dispose of all materials from the previous treatment facility. The construction of the project is expected to cost no more than $204,694.

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