The Clean Streams Foundation, Inc.


The Clean Streams Foundation, Inc. (“CSF”) is a  not-for profit corporation that was organized to help assure that funds will be available on a long-term basis to perform reclamation, to operate and maintain water treatment systems, to prevent or abate pollution, and to protect natural resources and the public health and welfare from the adverse impacts of unreclaimed land and from inadequately treated water discharges.  The CSF helps assure that available funds are properly invested and expended for the protection of natural resources, the environment, and the health and welfare of the public.

The CSF works with state agencies and private entities to develop financial mechanisms to help assure the availability of funds for performing reclamation, maintain treatment systems and prevent pollution in the event that a responsible party should fail, refuse, or become unable to continue to complete reclamation of impacted areas or to operate treatment systems.  The CSF acts as a Trustee of several Funds that hold money and other assets provided for reclamation and for the long-term financing of treatment systems designed to prevent pollution.

The CSF has obtained recognition from the IRS as a 501"C"(3) tax exempt organization.

746 Westland Drive, Suite 110
Lexington, KY 40504
P: (859) 687-9578
F: (859) 687-9580